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NZTA initiative: Australasian transport custom searches
Tuesday, 03 April 2012

Luke Byers from NZTA  would like to share with Tranzinfo the three Google custom searches he created to facilitate retrieval of transport information from Australasian commercial, governmental, and academic websites.

Other custom searches that anyone else would like to share are also welcome !

· Government websites ( (e.g. ministries, departments, etc)

· Educational websites ( (e.g. universities specialising in transport research)

· Commercial websites ( (e.g. consultancies, private sector firms)

The list of Tranzinfo member libraries ( was used as a basis for determining which websites to include. Except for NRMA and Australian Maritime College, all the rest of the member libraries' websites available at the time of set up (2010) were added in one of the three custom searches above.

Please find below a Google Doc of what websites that are included in the three custom searches.

Please feel free to offer feedback to Luke on which websites could be added/removed and whether there should be additional custom searches.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 04 April 2012 )
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